Snake Charmer

Starin in your eyes, I can see the lies.
The stories you tell, that I know so well.
That’s how you pick em up, to fill their cups.
They’re empty shells, caught in your spells.
That’s how they fall, neva to stand tall.
With every kiss, you breathe love; now, they can’t get enough.
These women fiend for it, jonesin for their nex hit.
But, you won’t get me; I’ll stand tall ya see.
I won’t get caught up in you; this much is true.
Jus go on, spread your lies, and look deep in their eyes.
Keep trickin your way in, cuz you always win.
Go on man, take over the land.
Keep women movin, keep em groovin.
Don’t stop it or drop it.
But ya can’t fool me or school me.
I’ll always stand up to you; you won’t leave me blue.